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Since 1973, Reena has been providing housing, programs and employment services for individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and other diverse health needs.

Proof that good things really do come in threes; Reena Foundation raises funds for 3 life-changing and empowering categories: Housing, Programs and Employment.

Our Mission

To raise funds to invest in a better quality of life for people with Autism and other developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and other diverse health needs.

Reena by the Numbers


largest service provider in Ontario

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The Faces of Inspiration

The people we support inspire us every day to fund creative, compassionate and inspirational solutions.

Reena Vans Continue To Play An Integral Role For The Most Vulnerable

Reena’s Housing Projects

Safe, independent, community-based

Nothing says “independence” like having your own place you can call home.

Housing remains one of the most challenging issues facing individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

There are 12,000 people with developmental disabilities in Ontario waiting for specialized housing.

To have a housing model that provides independence, affordability and accessibility with 24/7 resources is a life changing opportunity for many. Reena has become a leader in the development of integrated housing and support services for adults with diverse needs.

Reena has over 30 Group Homes, 6 Long Term Care Partnerships, 111 supported independent living units, the Reena Community Residence and upcoming Lou Fruitman Reena Residence. Each location provides personalized care to meet the unique needs and abilities of each resident.

From supervised independent living to 24-hour-a-day assistance, Reena’s team of trained professionals work hard to provide a tailored level of care to each individual, allowing them to live their lives with respect and dignity.

The Lou Fruitman Reena Residence

On July 7th, 2021, we celebrated the opening of the Lou Fruitman Reena Residence, the largest residential project in Reena's almost 50 year history.

The Lou Fruitman Reena Residence is modelled on the success of the Reena Community Residence which opened in 2012 and, has become one of the leading examples of integrated housing and support services for adults with disabilities. 138 people with developmental, physical and/or mental health needs will call  the building home, and enjoy the many amazing amenities, programming spaces and community resources in Thornhill.

The residents will be moving from group homes, hospitals and family homes, and for the first time many will have an opportunity to live independently.

There are many exciting naming opportunities available.

Robbins Scores a Home for Reena

The Robbins family is well known for their philanthropy, and their generosity has helped support various Reena programs throughout the years. Their foundation donated $1.8 million dollars to fund the creation of a new group home exclusively for women.

The Robbins Family Group Home provides women with disabilities the environment they need to live a fulfilling and meaningful life within the heart of the Jewish community. This amazing project struck a chord with many Ontarians, including Toronto Maple Leaf player, Mitchell Marner. To show his support and meet some special fans, Marner participated in the cheque presentation for this life-changing project. His participation received a lot of positivity and gratitude from the Robbins family and Reena residents alike.

Other Reena Homes

Reena has over 30 residential housing locations in the GTA, including:

  • Yetta Berg Family Home
  • Martin and Heather Goose Family Home for Autistic Youth
  • Al & Faye Mintz Reena ElderHome
  • Reena Community Residence

  • Robbins Family Group Home
  • Rose and Philip Shore Family Respite Home
  • David and Luba Smuschkowitz Reena ElderHome


Outreach Programs

Reena’s programs are designed to improve social skills and self esteem, allowing each person to reach their full potential. Reena offers multiple Day Program options in Toronto and York Region. Activities incorporate augmented communication styles and are structured so that participants can learn through hands on experiences and social interactions. A variety of large and small group programs offer a range of support levels and environments to meet the specific abilities, interests and strengths of each individual.

Seasonal Programs

  • Sunday Friends Club
  • Swim Club
  • Athletic Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Special Olympics Basketball

Drop In Programs:

  • Cafe Lundi
  • Shalom Social

School/Summer Programs:

  • Winter Break
  • March Break
  • Summer Camp
  • Camp Wahanowin

Respite Programs

When “Give me a Break” is more than just an expression!

Let’s face it, despite our best intentions and selfless efforts on behalf of our families – we all can use a break from time to time. After all, if a caregiver is mentally and/or physically exhausted, he or she won’t be at their best when their family member needs them the most!

That’s why Reena’s respite programs are so vital, providing a ‘lifeline’ to caregivers.

Your support allows families to take a much-needed break from their care-giving responsibilities, knowing that their child is in a caring and safe environment.

Vocational and Employment Programs

Reena’s Supported Employment Programs help individuals with a developmental/intellectual disability including Autism, secure meaningful and sustainable paid employment in the competitive job market.

Reena job coaches provide a holistic and individual-focused approach for each job seeker, helping them become an independent, self-sufficient and confident employee.

Reena also assists employers with diversity recruitment, to facilitate the creation of inclusive workplaces.


The Channels Day Program is tailored towards independent adults, 18 years and older, with a developmental disability and/or dual diagnosis. This day program focuses on setting and attaining employment, career and life goals.

The program offers participants various supported employment services including job readiness skills training workshops, job placement and job coaching. In addition, Channels’ participants volunteer in the community and participate in a variety of social activities.


Reena’s Summer Employment Transitions (SET) Program is a partnership with the York District School Board, and York Catholic District School Board. SET is a supported employment program for high school students identified with a developmental/intellectual disability including Autism. It is designed for students who wish to build their job search/workplace skills and gain paid summer work experiences. Participants are supported by the SET job coaches to secure employment. The program includes on-site coaching to navigate any potential challenges.


Reena’s Virtual Employment and Career Program helps individuals build their job readiness skills as well as their soft skills, including team building, communication, networking and more.

The programs include innovative and interactive job search skills workshops, a career exploration series and employer events.